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ETMC Diabetes University

We teach you to live well with diabetes.
ETMC Diabetes University is designed to help those diagnosed with diabetes understand the disease and its management. We can help you live well with diabetes.

Learn to live well with Diabetes

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Our program

If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we invite you to enrich your life by enrolling in Diabetes University, ETMC Tyler's exciting program that's fun and informative. Diabetes University offers a comprehensive, one-day curriculum to help those with diabetes learn how to deal with their disease and get the most out of life. Please check our schedule for available dates.

A full range of diabetes lifestyle information is provided at Diabetes University by diabetes educators, along with other ETMC healthcare professionals.

Just for kids

Diabetes University is geared to appeal to a wide range of age groups; however, special sessions are available for young children. Please ask for more information on these classes when you register.

The Diabetes University curriculum includes:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Food and Glucose
  • Meal-Planning
  • Carb counting
  • Medications
  • All about Insulin
  • Stress and Coping
  • Changing Behavior
  • Avoiding Complications

Diabetes University is accredited by the American Diabetes Association.